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The Hands-on "Business Intelligence" Workshop
Gathering Business and Competitive Intelligence for Real-time Problem Solving

What Benefits Does IntelliBooster™ Bring to the Company?
   • IntelliBoosterTM helps boost market penetration and response as well as        competition monitoring.
   • IntelliBoosterTM helps find market and technical information using Internet and        Extranets.
   • IntelliBoosterTM is the tool for market surveys and research as well as for technology        watch.
   • IntelliBoosterTM helps gathering useful information on clients to better focus on their        needs.
   • IntelliBoosterTM allows to quickly source or identify qualified specialized resources.

Who Should Attend IntelliBooster™ ?
    Any person who wants to learn how to quickly find the relevant information she needs. Busy executives, marketers and salespeople who want to find out all available information on their clients, markets or competitors. Financial analysts who want to gather more pertinent information on the markets and companies they monitor. R&D and technical experts who need to find information on alternative or complementing technologies as well as on potential applications. Research assistants who need to quickly spot the hard-to-find information.

IntelliBooster™ Deliverables
   Topics and duration are adapted to the course sponsor's objectives, including:
   • Understanding what can and what cannot be found on the Web
   • Using effective search techniques and methodology to find pertinent information,        while avoiding irrelevant data overload
   • Finding the right source of information (Internet and Extranets)
   • Locating and learning about experts, companies, people, strategic or commercial        partners, technologies, documents, articles, etc.
   • Hands-on practice of tools to find, filter, gather and organize information

IntelliBooster™ Trainer
   Prof. Jacob Bar, founder and former manager of the data gathering and analysis unit of the Israeli Industry Center for R&D (MATIMOP), a public, non-profit organization devoted to the commercialization of new technology originating from the Israeli high-tech industry. As one of the pioneers of online industry services and the Internet in Israel, he is responsible for training hundreds of "online researchers" in Israel and around the world in business and competitive intelligence. Jacob Bar currently works as advisor to the office of the Chief Scientist of the Israeli Ministry of Trade and Industry. He also assists industrial companies and other organizations in the search for solutions to R&D, production and marketing problems.

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