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The Private and Confidential Management Sounding-Board
Personal Advice and Mentoring

Why You Need ExecutiveBooster™?
Because top level executives stand alone: sharing their personal feelings or concerns with their peers, subordinates or their boss could be interpreted negatively and have a damaging impact on their career. ExecutiveBooster™ provides a private and individual forum to address confidential and strategic issues.

What Benefits Are Provided by ExecutiveBoosters™?
Discussing management options with an independent experienced CEO and entrepreneur

  • Private and confidential evaluation of new projects or initiatives
  • One-on-one learning of new skills and management tools
  • International experience of a fully-fledged CEO
  • Customized personal development

Who Should Hire ExecutiveBoosters™?

  • Senior executives (including CEOs, heads of depar™ents, divisions or business units) who want to bounce off new ideas or test innovative concepts in a safe environment
  • Executives who have recently been promoted to a new position of responsibility and want to take advantage of the experience of a private mentor to avoid mistakes and become more effective faster
  • Executives wishing to make certain strategic analysis and broaden their horizon outside of their own environment

The Difference between ExecutiveBoosters™ and Coaches or Consultants
Coaches are qualified to address relationship and interpersonal issues; they usually do not have the business experience or educational background to deal with strategic or business issues. ExecutiveBoosters™ provides these skills and experience thereby complementing and not replacing the coaches.

Consultants are called in to solve problems; they usually make an in-depth study and propose expert solutions. ExecutiveBoosters™ will not study and solve problems but will help their client find and implement solutions, sometimes even recommending the qualified assistance of a consultant.

Who Can be a Suitable ExecutiveBooster™?
It is recommended to find a CEO and/or entrepreneur with hands-on experience and expertise in management, strategic analysis, business development, negotiation, financial engineering, tax and legal affairs. Interpersonal skills, training experience, shared values as well as personal affinity are also important.

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