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Management by Opportunity Implementation

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Training and Lecturing

Xerox’ P.A.R.C. (Xerox’ Palo Alto Research Center), Scott Elrod, Manager, Device Hardware Laboratory

The “IpOp” software offers a structured and straightforward way for technologists to assess the commercial potential and steps to realize value for their technologies. An additional value of the tool is that it gives organizations a common language and framework for evaluating projects.

ORACLE Corporation, Alfonso Di Ianni, Senior V.P., Field Marketing and Global Partnering

I have had the opportunity to appreciate the full dedication and commitment of Raphael Cohen and can therefore recommend the OpportunityBooster Program to any company which encourages, as does Oracle, innovation and entrepreneurial attitudes.

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Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, Steven Smith, Director CGE&Y University

Raphael’s step-by-step methodology supporting the innovation process has helped participants structure the analysis of their project, identify critical success factors and make sure that critical issues are not ignored. The feedback from the participants was very positive, citing the session’s practical and immediate applicability… Raphael has been proven to be a good fit into our model, bringing with him both academic rigor and a pragmatic practitioners approach.

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Geneva Cantonal Bank, Blaise Goetschin, CEO

Mr. Cohen has managed to convince the audience of the benefits of his approach as well as the easiness of its use. This motivation factor has immediately been expressed by the spontaneous creation of several groups of intrapreneurs as well as the development of innovative products and approaches benefiting our clients…we can recommend, without reservation, his “Management booster” services.

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Serono tested Management by Opportunity
in its Swiss R&D Center

He decided to screen this project with the Management by Opportunity tools. He proposed a different business model and produced a 10 page outline demonstrating the potential of this technology. It confirmed that Serono could not only use the technology to accelerate compound testing but could also capitalize on it from spinning it off. This concise report ultimately convinced Serono's management to support spinning off this start-up.

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EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), Jean-Louis Ricci, Teaching Evaluation Centre

The evaluation of the course of entrepreneurship is effectively one of the two best ones that my unit has made last year (the global report is available at
Keep on with the good work.

January 2002

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LA POSTE, Antoine Berger, Center of Direct Marketing Services

We would like to thank you for your participation to "Entreprises 2001" event.
The audience has been impressed by your professional approach and charmed by your personality.
We shall not fail to contact you as soon as another opportunity arises.

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Banque Cantonale Bernoise, Michel Dubail & Frédéric Weingart, Service Marketing

You spontaneously accepted to participate in the conference-debate we had organized last November 7th, in Tramelan.
… the event was a clear success …. This proves, once again, that the subject you treated so brilliantly is a hot topic and generates clear interest.

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Consulting and Coaching

Pictet & Cie, Kurt Dierauer, Directeur, chef de la division informatique

Monsieur Cohen nous a grandement aidé dans la définition de notre mission et dans la structure de notre manuel d’organisation. L’apport d’un oeil externe dans la relecture des documents décrivant les principes de management d’une unité organisationnelle est toujours appréciable et d’autant plus s’il provient d’une personne dont l’expertise et le sens critique sont indéniables.

GlycArt Biotechnology AG, Joël Jean-Mairet, CEO

Dr. Cohen is an excellent strategist and is very skilled in dealing with people.
My experience in contacting consultants for various issues has shown me that many times it is useless and not worth it. With Dr. Cohen I had the opposite impression: straight to the problem, with facts and a lot of rationale behind his words. For young entrepreneurs who need advice in structuring a negotiation, Dr. Cohen is certainly somebody who will help a lot.

EOS Holding, Michel Praplan, Directeur des Ressources Humaines

J'ai eu l'impression de travailler avec un collègue de travail qui comprend bien mes préoccupations de Ressources Humaines. Monsieur Cohen a fait progresser sensiblement des cadres qui avaient besoin d'un coaching sur mesure.

Gnothis Holding SA, Dr. Beatrice Arnold

Dr Cohen : very good personal contact, immediate undersanding of our needs, clear definition of the objectives, excellent contribution concerning the contents of our executive summary. He helped us improve the basic content of the document and clearly express our ideas.

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Luce Mottier Ressources Humaines, Luce Mottier, CEO

Raphael Cohen's synthetic mind doubled with a discreet but wide empathy helped our management keep focused and develop simple but appropriate tools and processes to improve efficiency, both in short and long-term management. He brings his competence, strategic vision, common sense : KISS, accurate tools and systems, discretion.

Dr Donatus Dreher, Founder

"People that unite Experience and Creativity like Raphael Cohen does are rare to find."

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