1. IpOp Model Tools (for authorized users)

    The IpOp Model is a structured methodology to go from the identification of an opportunity to the design of an implementation plan of action. It supports innovation concerning products, services, technology as well as marketing. Access to the tools is only available to people who have received Innovation by Opportunity training. For additional information on these trainings, please contact mail@managementboosters.com

  2. Intrapreneurship survey (for authorized users)

    All workers from the same company should use (in question 21) the same company name to allow consolidation of their answers. If you want to to access this survey and receive an analysis of the results by email, please send an email to mail@managementboosters.com indicating your email address and the name of your company.

  3. Climate survey (for authorized users)

  4. Groupware (free to use)

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