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Education The Certificate of Continuous University Education in Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship preparing for the first Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship of Continental Europe, delivered by the business school of the University of Geneva.
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Statoo Consulting is a consulting firm specialized in statistical consulting and training, and data analysis services. Statoo Consulting is located in Lausanne, Switzerland. Have you ever been Statooed? SEWA BEATS runs interactive participatory drumming workshops in businesses. Their work takes on 2 forms: they run fun team building ice breaker sessions for conferences and they also create tailor made training programmes to enhance soft skills and explore learning using traditional African drumming as a model for people working together. : Sophie Florinetti est une consultante indépendante spécialisée dans la conception, la réalisation et l’évaluation de projets socio-économiques, administratifs et politiques pour des Administrations, des Fondations, des Etablissements publics autonomes, des Associations et des Organisations privées sans but lucratif. Ses interventions concernent d’une la stratégie et les politiques publiques, d’autre part les audits et analyses organisationnelles, enfin les évaluations socio-économiques générales.

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