Management by Opportunity

Management by Opportunity is a management approach combining the 3 key success factors stimulating innovation and intrapreneurship:

  • Innovation by Opportunity tools to empower people to innovate and take initiatives
  • Employees’ motivation
  • Structural conditions supporting the innovation process

Innovation by Opportunity is a set of tools allowing executives in large and medium-size organizations to

  • identify opportunities
  • analyze those opportunities, with emphasis on making sure they fit within the corporate mission and constraints
  • validate the feasibility of the selected opportunities
  • successfully implement them.

The Innovation by Opportunity web application lets companies:

  • use a unified approach for both technological and non technological innovation
  • make sure that in-house innovation supports the corporate objectives and strategy
  • capture all innovation related information in a knowledge management system.

"Management by Opportunity" is a vector of innovation, empowerment, change management, motivation and career development.

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