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Confidential Customized Strategic Analysis Workshop

Who can benefit from StrategyBooster™?
   StrategyBoosterTM is for key decision-makers:
   • CEOs and top executives
   • Board of Directors
   • Strategic project managers
   • Entrepreneurs-to-be

What is the Contribution of StrategyBooster™?
   Executives and decision-makers spend most of their time managing operations. This prevents them from dedicating enough time to structured strategic analysis and creative "out-of-the-box" thinking.
   Integrating new economic parameters (Internet, new technologies, globalization, mergers and acquisitions of competitors, etc.) in traditional as well as new businesses requires a very thorough analysis of the current status with regard to the potential future.
Such analysis is difficult without a structured methodology and without taking into account what is happening in other areas of business.

StrategyBooster™ Objectives
   StrategyBoosterTM is based on a structured methodology which:
   • Facilitates creative strategic thinking of decision-makers in a specific venture
   • Identifies the critical factors of success for that venture.
   • Clarifies the priorities for all the key players as well as the important issues for the        venture.
   • Leads participants to co-opt the most effective strategy for that venture while        increasing their motivation to succeed.
   • Prepares a smooth implementation of the strategy without the help of outside        consultants (because all the key players have participated in the decision).
   • Brings workshop participants the strategic thinking tools that can be used on a        continuous basis in the venture.

StrategyBooster™ Process
   • Confidential no-obligation meeting with the facilitato.r
   • Short preparation to be made by the workshop participant.
   • 2 to 3 day informal group session with the facilitator until strategy is identified and        plan of action is agreed upon.
   • Autonomous implementation of the plan of action by the workshop participants.
   • Brief monitoring sessions to take place at a later stage, with or without the facilitator.

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