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The "Mind Broadening" Workshop
Giving Scientists The Tools to Turn Their Science into Business
What Benefits Do ScientistBooster Participants Reap for Their Organization?
   • Functional experts will learn how to integrate business factors into their technical       activities to boost overall business performance.
   • Participants will better understand their clients' or other departments' needs,       particularly in marketing, and eventually be able to manage their own activities in a       more entrepreneurial manner.
   • They will learn which entrepreneurial attitudes and tools help bring products faster to       market. Participants will also learn how to identify and take advantage of opportunities       now.
Who Should Attend ScientistBooster ?
   I.T. and R&D experts, scientists, engineers, physicians and life science researchers desiring to extend their horizons beyond their own areas of expertise. This translates into increased motivation to understand the "big picture" as well as to drive the bottom line more effectively. Technicians and innovators who wish to become intrapreneurs.
ScientistBooster Deliverables
   Topics and duration are adapted to the sponsor's course objectives to include:
   • Understanding market needs and opportunities
   • Awareness of critical success factors necessary to bring technical innovation to        market
   • Learning a methodology from strategic analysis to implementation in the context of a       specific project or innovation
   • Taking into account corporate objectives, policies, processes and levers
ScientistBooster Trainer
   Dr. Raphaël H Cohen received his Ph.D. in Economics in 1982 while managing an international group of companies, including several start-ups. As active CEO, serial entrepreneur and business angel, he brings his hands-on experience to these training sessions. He is responsible for the CREATE "Entrepreneurship" courses at EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) and at UniGe, which teach scientists how to launch a high-tech venture. He also co-manages the Certificate of Continuous University Education in "Entrepreneurship" at the University of Geneva.

   Gaining working and coaching experience on three continents, he has developed expertise in numerous fields including strategic analysis, business development, negotiation, financial engineering and legal affairs. He also acts as coach and mentor to entrepreneurs as well as executives at Board and other levels.
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