Prof. Jacob Bar, founder and former manager of the data gathering and analysis unit of the Israeli Industry Center for R&D (MATIMOP), a public, non-profit organization devoted to the commercialization of new technology originating from the Israeli high-tech industry, currently works as advisor to the office of the Chief Scientist of the Israeli Ministry of Trade and Industry.

As one of the pioneers of online industry services and the Internet in Israel, he is responsible for training thousands of "online researchers" in Israel and around the world in business intelligence. He also assists industrial companies and other organizations in the search for solutions to R&D, production and marketing problems.

He is also the managing director of his own private business intelligence & consulting services firm specializing in:
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Planning, designing, and building Intelligence gathering systems for the Hi-Tech industry
  • Marketing
  • Commercialization of new technologies
  • Traning of senior decision makers
  • Developing of Extranet & Intranet Databases.


Jacob Bar developed the following methodologies:

  • Intelligence By Objective
  • Systematic evaluation of technologies/markets/products
  • Systematic techniques for new product idea generation
  • Locating strategic partners
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